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Dear Yuletide Author
marion cotillard

Dear Yuletide Author,

Hi there! Thanks for writing for me. This is my first Yuletide and I’m looking forward to it a lot.

First off, my overall DNWs are: underage, pregnancy, A/B/O, AUs (canon AUs are fine, but not completely genre-changing AUs), first or second POV, body fluids, fics that are completely PWPs, infidelity, crossovers (unless requested otherwise), genderswap, non-canonical major character death, and issuefic that’s unrelated to the canon in question (for example, mentions of dystopian social class issues is completely relevant for Continuum fic; same deal for angelic hierarchy issues in Dominion).


I usually lean toward fic that is pre-relationship, gen, or the ship happens for the first time during the fic as opposed to being an established relationship (although Alex/Noma from Dominion is a notable exception - if you're writing them, I do, in fact, like them as an established relationship).

Disclaimer: I apologize that my Dominion section is so long. I requested ‘any’ for characters in that fandom, and there’s nine characters in the Dominion tagset. If you matched with me on Legion or Continuum, I promise that the length of the Dominion section doesn’t mean I want to be written fic for that more, just that there’s nine characters to cover when it comes to prompts. Thank you - sorry about that! /o\

→ Continuum

Characters: Kiera Cameron, Jasmine Garza

Brief canon overview: Continuum is a Canadian sci-fi show that ended at its fourth season. Kiera Cameron is a police officer from the year 2077, a dystopian future where everything is controlled by corporations. While she’s guarding an execution, the members of the terrorist group Liber8 suddenly disappear. Kiera gets swept along with them and finds herself in the present, the year 2012. She has to deal with Liber8 and other forces that affect both the present and future.

Canon: Available on Netflix | Amazon | iTunes | Stream

Kiera and Garza’s team-ups have been very fun to watch onscreen - they work well fighting side-by-side, and it makes it even more interesting that they’re old enemies. I really like Garza/Kiera as a ship, with them overcoming obstacles of some sort together but bonding throughout. It doesn’t necessarily need to be romantic; I’m completely fine with pre-femslash or unlikely friendship between them.


In general, I like the twisty sci-fi time travel plots in this show; timey-wimey-ness related to time travel is great (although nothing too complicated, please). The revolution-related theme in Continuum hit a specific narrative button for me - while it doesn’t need to take front and center in fic, I do like how it’s a fervent cause for the Liber8 members and Kiera eventually does agree with their main points.

Kiera’s characterization shift of mainly wanting a better future at the end of S3 to wanting to go back to her son in S4 felt a bit abrupt to me and not something that personally interests me. I’d prefer fic that doesn’t overly revolve around her angsting so much about Sam, though I know it is a part of her character so you don’t need to entirely leave it out, if you’d like to include it.

Also, not sure where to put this, but I’m going to mention that I have a fondness for the found family/team potential that Continuum has (that scene where the remaining members of Liber8 + Kiera + Alec + Julian + Emily had dinner together! They were smiling, including Garza!). It doesn’t have to be a central dynamic at all since I like Kiera & Garza as the focus, but that found family/team connection being referenced somewhere, even if in the background, would be cool with me.

All of the prompts I’ve listed below take into account the finale and I know that’s pretty specific - so, if they don’t sound like your speed, feel free to disregard them! As long as you’ve got the enemies forced work together + unexpected bonding angle, I’ll be happy with whatever you come up with.

Garza & Kiera - Prompts:

  • Exploration of Kiera adjusting to the new future, post-finale. If there’s two Kieras, there’s the possibility that there’s another Jasmine Garza out there: a Garza who doesn’t know our canon Kiera. What’s this nu!Garza who doesn’t know Liber8 or a dystopian future like? How does Kiera react to her? Is it possible that the portal - with all the timeline tethering business - also ends up affecting the future, and nu!Garza suddenly gets bleed-through memories/dreams of our!Garza? Or does she remain a 'different' person, so to speak?

  • Groundhog Day loop fic. When Kiera steps through the portal in the finale, instead of appearing in the new future, she starts repeating a day over and over again. Maybe it’s that same day in particular, with her having to find out how to escape the loop while still trying to handle Kellog/dark-future!Kellog’s soldiers/etc., or it could be any other day (episode) of your choosing. Does Garza get caught in the loop with Kiera as well? If she is, how do they try to stop it? If she's not in the loop with Kiera, how do they interact with each other anyway?

  • Garza goes into the portal with Kiera, post-finale. Maybe it’s an accident; maybe she chooses to (she thinks about what Curtis said about wanting what’s best for Kiera since Kiera did so much for changing the future; or maybe she wants to take a chance to see if she can find Liber8’s counterparts in the alternate future - just whatever you think makes sense). How do Kiera and Garza adapt to the new future together? They’ve been through so much violence, but how do they cope with peace?

→ Dominion
Characters: Any

Brief canon overview: Dominion is a SyFy supernatural/action series that recently was cancelled after its second season. It is a very rough sequel of the 2010 movie Legion, which the show diverges from. Dominion is set after an apocalyptic war between humans and angels, which erupts after God disappears. The archangel Michael has sided with humans, while his brother Gabriel wants to destroy humans in the vain hope that God would return once the earth is ‘cleansed.’ Meanwhile, there’s the Chosen One Alex Lannon, who is prophesied to either be a healer or destroyer in this post-apocalyptic world.

Canon: Amazon | iTunes | Stream

Other canon materials: Citizen’s Handbook to Vega | Dominion: Revelations

Here’s some of my general Dominion likes: Loyalty, especially if it takes on the form of protectiveness. Iddy wing-related tropes - characters huddling and wrapping their wings around each other; a character protecting another character by using their wings as shields. Stoic woobies - characters who are self-loathing, have self-worth issues (maybe due to something that happened to them in the past or something that they did in the past), or feel hurt in other ways, but they try to hide it and put up a strong front. Hurt/comfort, whether from physical or emotional hurt. Biblical references - Biblical allusions or events/figures as backdrops. Worldbuilding, like for Vega, Heaven, New Delphi, etc.. Snark/banter. Pre-canon backstory - maybe intercut between the present like flashbacks, or maybe it’s straight-out backstory fic (if you want to involve other angels like Furiad, Uriel, etc. to add to backstory fic, that would be great!). Foreshadowing - if the fic takes place in the past, maybe it drops hints to what happens later. Politicking, like the kind going on in Vega. In-canon class struggles, like the V-system and the angelic hierarchy of heaven. Revolution/rebellion, along the lines of unrest in Vega, Lucifer in heaven, or Julian | Lyrae’s whole anger against archangels. Parent issues, whether mommy or daddy or both. Parallels, role reversals, history repeating itself. Sparring. Tattoo kink. Religion kink. The prophecy of the Chosen One in all its mystery. Trust issues. Foe yay. Codependency. Angels lapsing into Lishepus if they’re angry, hurt, scared, desperate, etc. Angelic abilities - Gabriel and Michael’s mindbond; Noma being a tracker angel; Lyrae being dominant over Julian the human when it comes to being a dyad; etc. Regret/mourning. Characters looking for redemption (Michael for being the Flood; Noma initially for killing Charlie).

I’m dropping prompts framed as questions that could be turned into fic - feel free to ignore the ones that don’t interest you.

Human characters in the tagset (minus Alex) - Charlie, Jeep Hanson, William Whele:

[If you’re familiar with Legion and would be interested, I’ve written some Legion/Dominion crossover prompts down below in my Legion section about Charlie and Jeep. If you’re not, it’s not an issue, so don’t worry - if you matched with me on Dominion, I don’t expect you to familiar with Legion and vice versa.]

  • Why did Charlie have a gun ready when Gabriel and Noma came calling? Was she warned in some way that they would be coming - did someone tell her about the prophecy or the importance of her baby? Who is Alex’s biological father? There’s been theories that Alex is a nephilim. Is it possible that Charlie had a fling with an angel? What is Charlie’s relationship to Jeep like - is it romantic or just friendship?

  • What was Jeep’s role in the Extermination War? How was it like for him building Vega alongside Michael and the other politicians like Whele and Riesen? What was his thoughts on the probably budding Church of the Savior? Why did he let himself be convinced by Michael to leave Alex alone in Vega - and why did he leave Alex to be a V-1 and not try to use his position as a city founder to get Alex to a higher V-status? How was his travels figuring out the markings like - how far did he get; did he visit the other cities or even stumble on Mallory; and how were the markings continually negatively affecting him? How did he end up spying on Gabriel? Also, I am open to Michael/Jeep, or Michael & Jeep if you can’t do shipfic.

  • William Whele, he of all the issues. How was growing up in Vega like for him, disagreeing with the V-system and trying to help out the people? How did William become the Principate of Vega? How and why did William become a Black Acolyte - what made him choose to side with Gabriel? Or, how about anything about those torture initiation rites or Black Acolyte cult practices in general? What about missing scenes about his character shift in S2? How was he able to survive those eight-balls torturing him - what happened in the desert? When did he start deciding to call himself the Chosen One? I’m up for Gabriel and William as a ship or a messed up gen dynamic if you’re interested - I wouldn’t mind if it went into dubcon/noncon territory, either.

Angel characters in the tagset (plus Alex) - Clementine, Lyrae | Julian, Noma, Alex, Michael, Gabriel:

  • Clem! :D How does she handle the duality for her as an eight-ball who’s very ‘human’, able to retain some of human!Clementine’s memories? How was General Riesen able to successfully hide her outside of Vega without anyone noticing (except Michael) - how was life in hiding like? How was it like for her going back to the outer sphere when Alex evicted her, but then pulled back to a new body by Julian?

  • Lyrae | Julian is a hella fun villain. You could tell me about how his hatred of archangels grew after Michael demoted him, how his experiences in the outer sphere affected him, and how he (presumably) decided to turn to Lucifer (what’s inside the S3 box that we’ll probably never know about?). Or, how about New Delphi as a city? There’s a whole chapter in D:R about Julian the human and Rhais as the catalyst for Julian deciding to create an eight-ball+human city (exploiting the latter as bodies to be eight-ball soldiers, of course) - I welcome exploration of any of that material. Or, talk to me about New Delphi as a trading mecca. Or, how about backstory fic of Lyrae hero-worshipping and/or pining after Michael? Or: missing scene Julian/Gabriel dubcon/noncon while Gabriel is captive in New Delphi, though it also can simply be Julian generally being mocking, terrible, and torture-happy toward Gabriel. Or being like that toward anyone, to be honest, like Alex or Michael.

  • Noma. Light of my heart and soul. I love her complexity as a character - her capability to be intensely loyal and self-sacrificing, but her inclination toward betrayal. I'm interested in Noma backstory - what's with her attachment toward wanting to go home/heaven that characters like Michael don't seem to share? How did she hold the ‘highest place in [Michael’s] heart’ as his lieutenant? Why did she decide to side with Gabriel that time? How was her relationships with both of them like in the past, pre-canon? What did the fallout of her betrayal to Gabriel lead to during the Extermination War - did she and Michael face him on a battlefield somewhere? How was life for her like hiding her identity as an angel in Vega, choosing not to stay neutral like the other higher angels in Vega (besides Felicia)? How was it like protecting Alex at a distance for all those years, and then eventually falling for him while in the Corps? How was captivity like pre-S2 in Gabriel’s eyrie alongside Alex? Or, tell me about Noma making that decision to choose her wings and herself for once, to strike a bargain with Lucifer. Where did she see a mass eviction once before? Or, pretty much anything about Noma, really, if you decide to write about her. Noma shipping for me usually lies over at Alex/Noma (all the loyalty kink, basically), Michael/Alex/Noma (like of the 'Michael pining over Alex/Noma flavor and also Michael and Noma being protective of Alex'), Gabriel/Michael/Noma, Michael/Noma, or Gabriel/Noma. Noma-centric fic is definitely welcome as well!

  • For Alex, I really like overarching dramatic themes about destiny and faith and being the Chosen One. What does it mean for him, being the Savior even though he's just an orphan and soldier? How can he either become a healer or a destroyer? Or, fics about Alex being stubborn and ridiculous - the extended pilot mentioned he constantly got in trouble in the Corps, and I'd be interested in reading about him clashing with Michael then. Or, how did his relationship with Noma start in the Corps? Or go further into his semi-antagonistic relationship with Michael, because Alex did get him captured in New Delphi that one time. Michael always says that he has faith in Alex, but was there ever a time when he sincerely doubted (besides the time when he saw infant!Alex, that is)? Or, Gabriel/Alex - specifically, how about that period when Alex was a prisoner in Gabriel's eyrie, and there probably was all the bickering amongst torture? I know Alex is very shippable - for example, go ahead with Alex/Noma, Michael/Alex, Michael/Alex/Noma, Gabriel/Alex, Gabriel/Alex/Michael, Gabriel/Alex/Noma, or even Gabriel/Alex/Michael/Noma if you can figure out how to make it work.

  • Michael! Also, again, fic taking place during the Extermination War or while building Vega works when it comes to Michael. Does he not interfere with the V-system because he thinks it looks like the angelic hierarchy system and he's used to it? Or, why does Michael still have that inclination toward ruthlessness, even after Sodom & Gomorrah when Michael swore not to be as bloodthirsty/destructive again? (D:R Chapter 1 mentioned him at Jericho.) Was there another turning point for him in time? How is it like for him struggling with having that darkness inside him as the Flood and God's Sword? And, of course, there's his complicated relationship with...

  • ... Gabriel. You can definitely write Gabriel/Michael, but if not, then that's fine because they're honestly both so intensely fascinating regardless if they go to the twincest place or not. You can talk about their mind bond, their shared history, their conflict over humans and/or Alex. You can talk about them as gloriously angsty metaphors: fire, water, light, darkness, Sword, Heart. I'm very much for Gabriel one-sidedly pining after Michael in a guilty near-obsessive way. Or, post-S2 h/c! After Gabriel and Michael fly out of Mallory, Gabriel still has the remnants of the darkness in him and he collapses. He tries to hold up a strong front so they rescue Alex, but he can’t fly, and they end up stopping at an abandoned house somewhere for the night so Gabriel can recover. On the more gen side of things, you can write Gabriel backstory - how did he end up raising his son, since David was apparently an orphan, and what was it like for Gabriel to raise someone prophesied for great things? Were there other times in history that pushed Gabriel to distrust humans? Or, Gabriel pre-S1 - what's he doing there in his fortress, just waiting for the Chosen One and assembling his forces while humans assume he's dead?

  • Not sure where to put this prompt but going to keep it in: I’d love a mythical action/adventure take on backstory for Gabriel and Michael (maybe involving Noma, too?) -  something that widens the universe and makes it feel bigger. For example, a fic framed as a fantastical mystery (a la Neil Gaiman’s Murder Mysteries; audio drama here) where Gabriel and Michael investigate who’s been giving gifts to humans - Lucifer being the culprit - and they go around encountering other various angels or myth-related creatures/figures/settings that don’t necessarily need to be Judeo-Christian.

Hopefully these prompts spark inspiration, Yuletide author! I know there’s a lot of characters and potential dynamics for the characters in the Dominion tagset, so these prompts might not cover enough ground. So - optional details are optional, and there’s a high, high probability that I’ll be happy with any Dominion fic you write. And by the way, I know that a lot of Dominion characters were left out of the tagset, so just going to let you know that it's fine with me if you want to include them in fic! Writing growing-up-in-Vega fic for William might be kind of difficult without some sort of inclusion of David Whele, for example.

If you’d like to see more of my Dominion-related preferences,
this is my letter for the Dominion Gift Exchange. I also talk about Dominion on tumblr sometimes on my Dominion meta tag, although it’s mostly disorganized rambling.

→ Legion

Characters: Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Michael, Jeep Hanson, Charlie

Brief canon overview: Legion is a 2010 apocalyptic/action supernatural thriller film. Charlie is a pregnant waitress working at a diner in the desert, but her life is interrupted by the apocalypse. God wants her unborn baby - a supposed ‘savior’ of mankind - dead, and God sends angels to attack the diner. Everyone in the diner fights a violent siege against the angels, and one of God’s archangels Michael chooses to defy God to protect Charlie and her child.

Canon: Available on Netflix UK | Amazon | iTunes | Stream

You don’t have to write about all four Legion characters I requested. If you want to focus on a certain dynamic that only has two or three characters, that’s fine!

When it comes to character combination preferences, I’d love to see Charlie, Jeep, and Michael in the fic together - it can be gen as Charlie & Jeep & Michael, or Charlie/Jeep/Michael as an OT3, or Charlie/Jeep as a ship with possibly Michael in the fic as well (as a main character, in the background, or he doesn’t have to be there at all). I’m also interested in Gabriel & Michael fic - it doesn’t matter if it’s gen or shippy, and I welcome all the foe yay tropeyness and daddy issues with these two.

Biblical allusions fit perfectly with Legion, so go ahead and drop all the references if that’s something that works for you. And the wing tropes I mentioned in my Dominion section are applicable here as well -  characters huddling and wrapping their wings around each other; a character protecting another character by using their wings as shields; etc.

Legion - Prompts:

  • Michael, Jeep, and Charlie (+ the baby) toughing it out in the post-apocalyptic desert and fighting any creepy angels they encounter, Mad Max style. Are they trying to find out what the tattoos mean? Does Michael teach Charlie and Jeep how to fight? There was that radio broadcast that mentioned human militias that survived, one outside Las Vegas and one in the Four Corners area - are they heading out to join them?

  • Tell me about the collars! Scott Stewart said that they’re halo collars that work as heavenly tracking devices. Anything about these collars and Gabriel and Michael, like backstory fic surrounding them.

  • What’s Gabriel up to, post-Legion? Does he go back to Heaven? Does he find himself looking for Michael and trying to see what’s up with the baby, still wondering about what God wants/needs? Does he skulk around militia camps disguised as a human, searching for Jeep, Charlie, and the baby?

  • Also, I wouldn’t mind the inclusion of the tattoos. Whether it’s a fic where Charlie or Michael look at the markings that Jeep has now, or maybe a missing scene where Gabriel looks at Michael with the tattoos for the first time (given to him by God?). ‘Look’ potentially meaning ‘touch' here.

Legion - Prompts with Dominion crossover elements:

[Ignore this section if you haven’t watched Dominion and/or don’t want to write a Dominion crossover! I don’t expect you to be familiar with Dominion if you matched up with me on Legion. I’m only requesting these as possibilities if it’s something you want to do. Also, feel free to mix, match, or blend Dominion and Legion characterization or story elements. For example, you can write Tom Wisdom’s Michael with Legion!Charlie and Legion!Jeep; perhaps Michael mentions his Flood backstory to them.]

  • Why does Michael know how to play Texas Hold‘em? While I know that Vaun Wilmott has joked about it being a universal game played in Heaven (and there’s the obvious theory about it being an in-joke or favorite card game of the writers), a part of me would like to see Jeep and Charlie bonding with stoic inhuman-y Tom Wisdom!Michael by showing him how to play Texas Hold'em, all three of them taking turns passing around bb!Alex. Or I would appreciate any fic in general with Jeep and Charlie being amused by Michael not getting human-related subjects.

  • Dominion diminished Charlie’s role and chucked out pretty much all of Legion. Is there a way to reconcile both of the canons so it isn’t all taken away, having Charlie’s death not happen immediately? Does she have a role in the Extermination War alongside Jeep and Michael and help them build Vega? Does she know General Riesen, David Whele, Gates Foley, Portia Thorn, or Zachary Harwick? Does she know Noma?

Thank you so much, Yuletide author! Good luck writing!


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