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I'm going to try posting here...
marion cotillard
...because even though tumblr is where I do most of my fandoming, I want a medium where I can feel a bit more comfortable talking/rambling, even if there's really no one here to read this.

(Seriously, knowing the tumblr search function makes your posts visible to a hella lot of people searching for fandoms/characters makes me 'ehhhh.')

Gotham Thoughts (I finally caught up, watched the two recent episodes)
  • I really don't understand the bomber guy's brother's family being put into 'protective custody.' I've ranted about how Gotham has RICO but the city is fucked up to mob hell, so why don't they try to take it down??? It seems like they probably do have a form of witness protection, and it's effective when it comes to mob-related stuff, so why don't they try building up cases that way?
  • Someone really should give bb!Bruce Wayne therapy. :(
  • I do think Cat/Bruce is hella cute.
  • Also, I usually don't like infidelity, but I...I'm sorta all for Montoya/Barbara?
  • TBH, I've liked Barbara, but I've found myself agreeing with the grumblings that she really should have something to do. I like her! She could be awesome! But I know like literally nothing about her???? I've had a headcanon in the beginning that she's a laywer - which would be interesting to explore, with Jim being a detective and fighting corruption, and they could go at it together - but yeah, that's not going to happen.
  • I should write Gordon/Bullock fic. I have the beginning of a 5+1 fic, but it's not quite up to date with canon.
Other Odd Fannish Thoughts
  • I recently had a dream that a Starbucks menu sign subtitled their white chocolate mocha as 'perfect for one-armed assassins,' and I giggled like an idiot inside my dream. My mind has a terrible sense of humor, way worse than the awesome fic that inspired the stupid dream.
  • I've been shipping Snape/Harry recently??? I've gotten a craving for 'Character X secretly being protective of Character Y',' and there's this amazing girl!Harry/Snape fic that fulfills that and more. There's so much thought that's obviously been put into this fic. The author didn't just genderswap Harry because of 'ew slash, this should be het', but to explore a different universe and possibilities. They wanted to see if a girl!Harry would be someone that Snape would see as Lily's child rather than James' from the start, and I"m just so *chinhands* at how girl!Harry's life has played out. She's recognizably still Harry - with anger issues and loving her friends and having been unloved by the Dursleys - and she loves flying and she still defeats the Basilisk and all that the same way. But omg, Harriet bonding with Asteria Greengrass and being closer friends with Hermoine than Ron! And liking trashy romance novels! And not thinking about her appearance but really turning out gorgeous during the Yule Ball, and that Cinderella-esque scene with Snape! She's a girl, and ILIT to pieces.
  • Also, I just recently fell in love with Always Crashing in the Same Car. I am so shocked that I wasn't aware of its existence years before. (I was introduced to it accompanied with the rough description as the short film where 'Paul McGann makes Richard E. Grant whimper, "You're the boss," while touching himself.') It's so iddy and relevant to my interests - I wrote a self-indulgent fic, and there's been some recent stuff that's been posted recently that are aksjdfl;fjkldajkfl wonderful.
  • I want to do the 00Silva Exchange this year, since I missed the last one. :D And, speaking of Craig!Bond, the Spectre news has made me ridiculously giddy because YES, I'M COMING BACK TO THIS FANDOM. but augh, bondlock is going to be insufferable why can't it just go away forever
Book Thoughts
  • I have so many things to read; it feels like I won't ever get anything finished. D.K. Broster's The Wounded Name, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, two non-fiction books by Jim Steinmeyer about stage magicians, a YA book called The Islands at the End of the World (it has Hawaiian mythology - I've never seen that in YA before!), O. Henry's short stories, trying to finally finish The Conte of Monte Christo, trying to make myself start Renault's books...I want to finish the magicians non-fiction first, because they seem like fun and fairly quick reads.
  • Not a book, but - I've been following the Serial podcast. (Who isn't?) Man, even after reading so much true crime a couple of months ago, I still can get into this. It's a sad case, but it's also p intriguing.


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